“Sharing my love for our cosmos one byte at a time”

Artist, designer, Amateur Astronomer, maker and all space geek.


Yes, I have a YouTube channel.

Astronomy and stuff


This is the place were I can talk astronomy and other nerdy things on camera and share with you guys.

Basically I talk about space, a lot. Because space rocks.



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About Us

Juleah Kaliski

I am an Artist who is inspired by Celtic design/history and nature. Pen and ink drawings intrigued me the most and is the medium that i continue to go back to. I also work as a digital designer. I love to make thing with my hands. From wood carvings to clothing. I enjoy reading, playing the ukulele, inspiring others and making people laugh.

Artist and Amateur Astronomer

I love to share my love for the universe and space exploration with others. I really began to love the night sky and what it holds when I was 13. I enjoy stargazing and watching rocket launches live. Most of all spreading the word about astronomy.

Queenie Kaliski

Brave explorer of the universe and muse to Juleah. Queenie enjoys sunspots, being pampered, and tinfoil balls. She spends her time basking in her own glory and chasing beatles in the grass.