Create a QR code using

In this post I use to generate the QR codes for your URLs.

Step 1.

Go to and enter your desired URL into the Shorten bar then click Shorten.

In this example I am using the URL to my website

Step 2.

After you have clicked “Shorten” the shortened link will appear.

Click the text “info page+”.

Step 3.

A new tab in your web browser will open with info and stats about the link you have just shortened.

You will want to Right Mouse click the QR code on this page and save it to your computer some ware. The file you are saving will be a .png

NOTE: You can save to versions of the same QR code one as the file format .png and the other .qrcode

Step 4.

Now that you have saved the .png file format of your QR code, Right Mouse click the QR code image and select “Open in new tab“.

Step 5.

In the new tab again, Right Mouse click the QR code and select “Save image as…”.

This image that you gets saved is in the file format .qrcode

So there it is the easy way to create a QR code using

Letter to the geeks.

Dear Geeks,

We have changed a movement.

Let me expound on the above statement.

At one point, not too long ago, you were not cool if you were a geek and you could never be cool.

Then there were the true geeks, who did not conform, they stood up strong and started something great.

Now we, the geeks, are changing the meaning and stigma of what the word Geek means. We are telling the world who we are and what being a Geek really is.

We are smart, creative, innovative. We hack, make, create, fix, debug, change, we move the world forward.

You are not a geek because you watch Star Trek or because you like to write code. You are a geek because of who you are, not because someone gave you the title.

From one geek to another,

Keep on doing great things, move the world forward.

Be proud of who you are.
Go Geeks.

Juleah Kaliski