Hello I’m Juleah Kaliski an amateur astronomer and graphic designer.

I believe in spreading positivity and inspiration through astronomy and art. I reside in sunny California where it’s perfect for stargazing. As an artist and astronomer I love mixing the two together and finding the connections between the arts and sciences. I am also a Student Space Ambassador at The Mars Generation.

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“SciArt” and “STEAM” outreach is important to me and I love to spread the word and share info with others as much as I can. Whether it’s making a funny astronomy fact video, sharing my astrophotography of the sky, or sketching sci-fi inspired  ink drawings.

I do so on my Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Sharing my love for the cosmos one byte at a time.



Nerdy Space Tees

As an independent artist I strive to create designs that are a combination of fashionable and scientific. I want to bring designs and styles that any astronomer, engineer, planetary scientist, and space fan would love and feel good in.

To have a bold and proud statement that says “Yeah! I love space” or “Watch out world, here comes a proud space nerd”. To put on a shirt and feel empowered about who you are and what you love, that’s what I want to create.

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