Thank You Awesome People

Thank you so much for All of your support and love through the whole Threadless Science design competition.

I really appreciate all of the encouragement and motivation.
After entering my designs all I could do was spread the word and share my enthusiasm. You guys pulled through and really blew me away with all of your votes, shares, and comments, you guys are really incredible.
I really want to thank my family for their support and my friends whom I had met via the internet for all of your help. There is a really strong and encouraging space community on the internet. Thank you for continually giving me feedback, sharing, and for being so awesome. I love you guys.

What’s Next

So, submissions are open until August 18th. Artist are still submitting their work and then the competition will run another 7 days after that. We will find out who the winner is around August 26ish.
I will deffently keep you guys updated with who the winner is.
I’ll write an update here on the blog and I’ll also announce it on my social media.
Best of luck to all the artists who entered.
Thanks you guys.

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