Free WordPress Themes @ Frearless Flyer

At Freeless Flyer you can find wonderful free WordPress themes, you can also find  HTML and PSD sites just on the freebie page and there is much more all around his site for themes ans such.

Here is what Michael Soriano wrote about his freebies.

“You are welcome to use my freebies under Attribution type of Creative Commons licensing model. This means that you can use them however you wish – as long as you keep my credits intact. In cases such as my Photoshop files where no credits can be found – then don’t worry about it. But if you REALLY must absolutely need to take out my credits – contact me. Maybe we can work something out.

FYI: At the time of writing – my freebies have been downloaded 99,183 times and have been featured in popular design blogs such as, and”

– Michael Soriano

Fearless Flyer is a trusted source to download your themes!

His WordPress themes, are 100% safe to use. They are released under the Attribution type of the Creative Commons licensing model, which means that you are allowed to use them, only if you keep his credits. You can also check out his downloads page for files that may not be listed there.


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